Last updated on: October 18th, 2021

Startup Story


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You still can't believe your luck. The world is yours.

Less than a year ago, your start-up collected millions of dollars from over 40 investors. No wonder; your business story was incredible, magical and they all bought it: an online academy for medical students preparing for the most important exams in their life. Highly effective learning, not from boring textbooks, but in a fun and engaging way. And now it's time for the next moveā€”come up with something new that'll make you stand out even more, crush the competition, and give your investors that 10x return that you promised them.

But to be brutally honest, you sense that there may be a serious problem. You have taken millions of dollars provided to you by investors, but have you made any progress on your own? Do you have anything significant to show for all that money?

Yes, that's it! You can copy what they've done, and use your remaining cash to market it aggressively. If this coup goes well, your user numbers will grow through the roof! Your investors will love you even more. And you'll have a winning formula for even more investment rounds. Problems solved. Or are they? Maybe you should ask someone before you become a copycat.