Last updated on: October 18th, 2021

Investor Story


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Your office is on the 22nd floor. Below, the city is covered in fog and that's good: no amazing view to distract you from the latest set of spreadsheets and disclosures from several new target companies. Still, the phone rings. “A journalist with the Times, and it's important. You'll want to take it.” Curious, you accept the journalist's call and—sure enough—it's definitely important.

“I'm working on a story about an edtech company in your portfolio,” she starts. “An Indian court this morning issued an ex-parte order against them for infringing the IP rights of Medical Joyworks...” Shocked, you want to hang up. Your portfolio is one of the most respected in the European market, with millions of honest pensioners behind it. But she continues, “I'm going over the lawsuit and it's 700 plus pages of evidence—it's public record now—and it doesn't look good. You've invested twice in them. Are you in support of IP infringement, or are you just being sloppy with your due diligence?”

In court already? What in the—how did this escalate so fast? You remember the co-founders from that edtech. They talked about all these great new ideas, new apps with awesome interactive features, lots of quality people on board doing amazing work... What are they doing with my clients' money?

You come back to your senses, “...your response to this potential breach of fiduciary duty, as per the new UK ESG directives?” Luckily, you're quick on your feet: “Look, it just so happens that I'm entering a meeting on this matter. I promise I'll get back to you with more information, thanks!”