Last updated on: October 18th, 2021

Human Rights Story


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Yesterday's march to the plastic packaging site was a great success. You got your organization to sponsor it and you led the way. All the local news outlets were there. And today they're all reporting on how to lead a more environmentally friendly life.

“Yesss!” You exclaim exhausted as you take the morning bus to work. Suddenly, you're distracted by a ping on your phone: a news article in your feed that talks about some online edtech giant stealing an app called Prognosis: Your Diagnosis. “Hey, I know that name,” you whisper to yourself. You used Prognosis: Your Diagnosis during your medical school days. It was cool then, and you're pleased that it's still around now. But why would a venture capital-backed edtech company steal from this app? Your curiosity is sparked, and you decide to learn more.